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Exhaustion of Remedies


  • H.A. and H.A. v. Norway
  • Lukács v. Hungary
  • Mozer v. Moldova and Russia
  • Perelman v. Germany
  • Perry v. Latvia
  • Săndulescu and 6 other applications v. Romania
  • Steen v. Sweden
  • Decision or Judgment

  • Perry c. Lettonie - Arrêt de chambre [French]
  • Mozer v. The Republic of Moldova and Russia - Grand Chamber Judgment [English]
  • Perelman v. Germany - Fifth Section Admissibility Decision [English]
  • Mozer c. Republicii Moldova și Rusiei - [Romanian Translation] by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova [Romanian]
  • Mozer p. Republice Mołdawii i Rosji [Wielka Izba] - [Polish Translation] summary by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Polish]
  • Mozer (Mozer) Moldova Respublikasına və Rusiyaya qarşı [BP] - [Azerbaijani Translation] summary by EU-COE 'Programmatic Cooperation Framework' (PCF) [Azerbaijani]
  • Mozer c. République de Moldova et Russie - Arrêt de la Grande Chambre [French]
  • H.A. and H.A. v. Norway - Fifth Section Committee Admissibility Decision [English]
  • Steen v. Sweden - Third Section Committee Admissibility Decision [English]
  • Lukács v. Hungary - Admissibility Decision [English]
  • Statement of Facts/Questions to Parties

  • Săndulescu c. Roumanie et 6 autres requêtes - Object de l'affaire et Questions aux parties [French]
  • Court Press Release

  • Decision Perelman v. Germany - complaint concerning membership in religious community without consent [English]
  • Other Court or Tribunal Document

  • Mozer v. the Republic of Moldova and Russia [GC] - Information Note on the Court’s case-law 193 [English]
  • Mozer c. République de Moldova et Russie [GC] - Note d’information sur la jurisprudence de la Cour 193 [French]