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November 2014 - The European Court of Human Rights recently published a new factsheet on cases regarding sexual orientation issues. The Court has also published factsheets in the past about various issues, including freedom of religion, conscientious objection, criminal aspects of homosexuality, and gender identity issues.

All of the Court's factsheets as well as country-specific profiles can be found on the Court's website by clicking here

Image for New Handbooks on the European Convention on Human Rights

Three handbooks were published in 2012 by the Justice and Legal Co-operation Department for the attention of legal professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of the European Convention on Human Rights. They focus on the right to a fair trial, the right to respect for private and family life and the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

These handbooks have been conceived as practical tools to support judges and prosecutors to apply the Convention at national level and assist lawyers to use Convention-based arguments in national litigation. They are based on the most updated case law of the European Court of Human Rights. The authors include an academic, a national lawyer... more

Image for Using the New HUDOC Search Engine

Videos showing how to use the simple and advanced search functions of the new HUDOC database have been published by the European Court of Human Rights, in both English and French. To access the videos, click the links below:

HUDOC - Part I - Simple search - EN (ECHR-CEDH)

HUDOC - Partie I - Recherche simple - FR (ECHR-CEDH)

HUDOC - Advanced search - EN

HUDOC - Recherche avancée - FR

Image for Court Produces YouTube Video – 'Conscience of Europe'

The "Conscience of Europe", which is currently available in 25 languages, is a film about the Court. This documentary, intended for the general public, shows specific examples of cases examined by the Court and considers its prospects over the forthcoming years and the challenges facing it.