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Notable news of 2014 from the Council of Europe area:

1- European Court of Human Rights rulings in Islam-Ittihad Association and others v Azerbaijan (No. 5548/05), Cumhuriyetçi Eğitim Ve Kültür Merkezi Vakfi v. Turkey (No. 32903/10) and many other cases.  See our list of cases (sortable by date) for more.

2- Russia and Ukraine conflicted on whether Crimea, historically a part of Ukraine, should be a part of Russia.  See our listing of headlines on the war and religious freedom.

3- Anti-Semitism rises in Europe: See our list of headlines on that topic.

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November 2014 - The European Court of Human Rights recently published a new factsheet on cases regarding sexual orientation issues. The Court has also published factsheets in the past about various issues, including freedom of religion, conscientious objection, criminal aspects of homosexuality, and gender identity issues.

All of the Court's factsheets as well as country-specific profiles can be found on the Court's website by clicking here

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